The Oil & Gas Industry

Since our founding in 1995, we have specialized in flow control
and valve automation with an unwavering Vision.

Drilling & Production

ATI customized valve actuators are at work in onshore and offshore operations around the world. We assist in controlling valves and managing the flow of crude oil, products, and natural gas. Our products and systems are often required to operate in harsh locations and with high pressures, where safety and the environment are critical.

ATI Products Utilized


  • Compact Hydraulic Positioning and Control
  • Emergency Shut Down Systems
  • Gathering Flow Lines
  • Meter Runs
  • Blow-Down Valves
  • Storage Tanks
  • Production Manifolds

Use-Case References

End UserProject NameLocationATI Solution
Addax Petroleum Cameroon CompanyOffshore RigOffshore CameroonPneumatic SRR
Azerbaijan International Operating CoEast Azeri OilfieldOffshore Baku AzerbaijanHydraulic DA
BHP BillitonMacedon GasWestern Australia
BP Trinidad & TobagoOffshore TrinidadOffshore East Coast TrinidadHydraulic SREs
ChevronGorgonWestern Australia
ChevronSANHA DevelopmentOffshore Cabinda, AngolaPneumatic SRE HDL229SRE80
ChevronAgbamiOffshore Nigeria
Chevron (Saudi Arabia)Onshore Partitioned Zone (PZ)Saudi Arabia
ExxonMobilHebronOffshore Canadian East CoastPneumatic DA
ExxonMobilHebronOffshore Canadian East CoastPneumatic SRR
ExxonMobilHebronOffshore Canadian East CoastPneumatic SRE
ExxonMobilWest QurnaIraq
ExxonMobilZafiro FieldEquatorial Guinea
GS CaltexHouse 3KoreaPneumatic DAs
HDECKaran Gas FieldOffshore UAEPneumatic DAs
HDECBorougeAbu Dhabi
Hundai Heavy Industries (HHI)PTT BongkotGulf of ThailandPneumatic SREs
Norske ShellExport Gas CompressorsAukra, NorwayPneumatic SRR
PetrobrasFPSO 66Offshore Brazil
PetrobrasFPSO P48 & P43Offshore BrazilHydraulic DA's
QatargasLaffan RefineryRas Raffan Industrial City, QatarPneumatic Das
TOTALMartin Linge Project Offshore PlatformOffshore NorwayPneumatic SRE
WoodsideNR2Offshore Western AustraliaPneumatic SRRs and SREs
Woodside EnergyOkha FPSO VesselAustraliaPneumatic SRE
WoodsidePlutoPerth, Western AustraliaPneumatic SRRs, SREs and Das
Abu Dhabi National Oil Co.Ruwais RefineryAbu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (Takreer)Shah GasAbu Dhabi, UAE

Pipeline & Processing

ATI actuators are installed on the world’s major pipelines. Utilizing the patented GEVALCO technology, ATI helps pipelines operate reliably and safely in high-consequence areas, remote locales, and emergency shutdown situations.

ATI Products Utilized


  • Automatic Linebreak to Prevent Leaks
  • Retrofits and Replacement for Existing Equipment
  • Compressor By-pass Control
  • Emergency Shutdown

Use-Case References

End UserProject NameLocationSolution
Boardwalk Pipeline PartnersBoardwalk PipelineGulf of MexicoShafer Retrofits and Direct Gas
Buckeye PartnersBuckeye PipelineTexasShafer Retrofits
Centerpoint Energy PipelinePipelineSouthern United States
DCP PartnersDCP Midstream PlantGoliad, TXPneumatic DA HDL142DA
El Paso Pipeline PartnersANR PipelineMultiple US States
El Paso Pipeline PartnersTennessee Gas PipelineMultiple US States
El Paso Pipeline PartnersPipelineRhode Island, Colorado
Enable MidstreamMain Line of PipelineSoutheast OklahomaHDL2826DA
Enbridge Energy PartnersEast TX ExpansionTexasGas Motors
Enbridge Energy PartnersWC571Western Gulf of MexicoShafer Retrofits
Enbridge Energy PartnersLone Star LNG ExpansionAcross TexasGas Motor Actuators
Enbridge Energy PartnersLone Star LNGStanton, TXGas Motor Actuators and Nitrogen Banks
Entergy NuclearRiver Bend StationSt. Francisville, LAPneumatic SRR L145.5SRR80
Enterprise ProductsCalumet Gas PlantPatterson, LAGas Motors and Gas over Oil
Enterprise ProductsMorgans Point Port FacilityMorgans Point, TXPneumatic SRE
Enterprise ProductsPropane Dehydrogenation PlantMont Belview, TXPneumatic DA
Kinder Morgan Energy PartnersTejas PipelineTexasGas Motor Actuators
Oman Gas CompanyMuscat City Gas ProjectMuscat, OmanPneumatic SREs
Spectra Energy / Texas EasternNatural Gas Compressor StationKosciusko, MSGas Motor Actuators
Targa Resources PartnersConfidentialSt. Bernard Parish, LAShafer Retrofits
WilliamsBlue Racer PipeineMarshall County, WVPneumatic DA
WilliamsBlue Racer PipeineUtica, OHGas-Over-Oil Actuators and 6-bottle nitrogen racks/tanks
Williams GasOhio Valley Midstream Ethane PipelineMoundsville, WVLinebreak Systems and Rate of Drop Test Kits
Williams PartnersMississippi River TransmissionContinental USA
Williams PartnersNorAm Gas TransmissionContinental USA
Williams PartnersTranscontinental Gas PipelineContinental USA

Refining & Petrochemical

ATI actuators are installed in more than one-half of the world’s refineries. Our customized products supply superior control, safety, and reliability for critical operations.

ATI Products Utilized


  • High-Pressure FCCU Steam Control
  • Emergency Shutdown
  • Control Valves for level, pressure, temperature, flow, and product purity

Use-Case References

End UserProject NameLocationSolution
AttockRefineryRawalpindi, PakistanSRE
BPCarson RefineryCarson, CAPneumatic SRE
BP AmocoEvanston RefineryEvanston, IL
BP ChemicalsProject FutureTexas City, TX
BP ZuhaiPTA PlantZuhai, GuangdongPneumatic DA
Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL)Horizon Plant H2 PlantAlberta, CanadaPneumatic SRE
ChevronRichmond RefineryRichmond, CA
ChevronRefinerySan Francisco, CaDAs with custom horiontal mountink brackets
Chevron NigeriaEscravos Gas-to-LiquidEscravos, NigeriaLinear Pneumatic L262.5DA (two); L284.5DA (two)
Chinese Petroleum Corp. (CPC)CPC RefineryTaoyuan Hsien, Taiwan
Conoco PhillipsWRBRoxana, IllinoisPneumatic SRE's
EscravosGTL ProjectNiger Delta, NigeriaPneumatic DA L262.5DA
ESSO Clean FuelSri Racha Clean Fuel Projects PlantChonburi, Thailand
ExxonMobilSingapore Parallel Train (SPT) ProjectJurong Island, Singapore
OrpicSohar RefineryOman
PetrobrasCOMPERJRio de Janero, BrazilPneumatic SRRs, SREs
PetrobrasUFN3 PlantBahia, Brazil
Phillips 66Sweeny RefineryOld Ocean, TXPneumatic DA's
RelianceJ3 Petrochemical ProjectJamnagar, Gujarat (India)Pneumatic SRE w JS2
RelianceJ4 Petrochemical ProjectJamnagar, Gujarat (India)Pneumatic SRE
Singapore Refining CompanySRC RefineryJurong Island, SingaporePneumatic DA w JS2
SinopecSinopec ChanglingYueyang City, China
SonatrachGNL-3Z ArzewShah Field AlgeriaPneumatic SREs and SRRs
TOTALLindsey RefineryLincolnshire, EnglandPneumatic SRE
ValeroRefineryTexas City, TXHDL Pneumatic DA

Liquified Natural Gas

ATI has experience in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) applications. Using its vast experience in the natural gas pipeline segment, it has transferred its knowledge to LNG. Its track record extends to liquefaction facilities, storage, regasification terminals, and transmission pipelines. As this industry segment grows, ATI is positioned to help its clients both onshore and offshore with solutions that ensure safe and reliable operation.

ATI Products Utilized


  • Compression
  • Isolation Valves
  • Metering
  • Pipelines
  • Terminals
  • Emergency Shutdown

Use-Case References

End UserProject NameLocationSolution
ChevronGorgonAustraliaPnematic SREs and SRRs
PetronasFloating LNGOkpo, South Korea
PetronasFPLNG 1Sabah, Malaysia
PetronasFPLNG 2Sabah, Malaysia
Williams PartnersOlefins PlantGeismar, LAPneumatic SREs and SRRs

Case Studies

Case Study: Enterprise Products / Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA)

Customer Challenge
When the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) tapped Enterprise Products for LCRA’s gas-fired electric power plant in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, Enterprise contacted ATI. ATI applied a proprietary Gevalco pipeline automation solution to Enterprise for remote operation control of a mainline valve to protect LCRA assets and the environment.

Along with the remote opening operation, ATI incorporated an automatic Linebreak Control in case of a ruptured pipeline or an unusually high demand from the pipeline. The Linebreak Control has a manual reset which inhibits any opening operation after a linebreak condition has been reached. After normal operating conditions have been re-established, as an added security level, the control must be manually reset to engage any of the control features, giving further control to Enterprise and greater protection against unintended reset.

Previously only manually operated, the valve can now also be remotely operated which gives Gas Control in Houston the ability to operate the valve and get valve position feedback. The actuator operates using natural gas straight from the pipeline, which averages 600 psig at this location. The Linebreak Control compares the pipeline pressure with that of a reference tank and a calibrated orifice. Once the Rate of Drop reaches the set point of the control, it will automatically cause the valve to close.

The automation retrofit package provides savings in manpower, energy, and time. In this case, the nearest technician is a two-hour drive from the valve location. Enterprise now has more precise control and protection of their assets and the surrounding area of operation, without travel or additional manpower.

Technology Note
The design concept of this Gas Motor Actuator Control dates back to 1998 when Gevalco was asked by Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation for assistance with their RCV Project. At the time, Texas Eastern was also interested in assessing the effectiveness of remotely controlled valves on interstate natural gas pipelines and determining their technical and economical feasibility to shut off gas after a rupture.

In 2000, Gevalco was awarded a patent for these controls and has since been supplying gas transmission companies with a reliable, economical solution for automating existing and new mainline block valves. ATI acquired Gevalco in 2011.

Case Study: Excess Flow Control

ATI shipped fifteen hydraulic double-acting actuators with newly designed control systems on each of the units. A Houston-based valve automation center approached ATI to design a system to actuate and control the valves on a hydrogen pipeline. The control system is designed to sense a change of 7 psi differential pressure in a pipeline operating at 915 psi which would indicate excess flow and possibly a leak. If excess flow is detected, the actuator shuts the valve and stops the flow.

This is important because such an increase in differential pressure would indicate an increase in flow which may mean a leak downstream. Fast speed and fast response were critical in the design of these units.

Case Study: East Tennessee Natural Gas

In early 2003, East Tennessee Natural Gas commissioned the first-of-its-kind bi-directional station bypass at the Ooltewah, TN station. This system, developed and manufactured by Gevalco, was needed to fit the unique operating scenario created by the Patriot project to cross-connect three pipeline systems. The actuator controls provide an automatic opening of the station bypass valve based on pressure differential across the compressors.

The challenge was to provide the same control action when the flow direction was changed, thereby making the normal discharge pressure sensing point the suction pressure point under the reverse flow scenario. By making some unique modifications to the standard Gevalco “Station Bypass Control” system, the new control strategy was implemented seamlessly, requiring no operator changes when switching flow direction.

This system ensures the integrity of continuous operation under varying operating conditions. ETNG’s confidence with the system is evidenced by the purchase of 7 additional Gevalco “Bi-Directional Station Bypass Control” systems.

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