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ATI Hydraulic Power Units are completely self-contained, designed to operate hydraulic actuators and provide a power reserve when the primary power source is lost.

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Hydraulic Power Unit

ATI Hydraulic Power Units are completely self-contained and designed to operate hydraulic actuators and provide a power reserve when the primary power source is lost when an accumulator is added to the unit. HPUs have a capacity up to 10 HP to operate one or more actuators and HPU scan be designed for any voltage, to deliver the required high pressure (up to 5000 psi) hydraulic fluid required to operate a single or multiple actuators. HPUs are skid mounted or mounted in an enclosure with all connections manifolded for easy field installation. Each HPU is mounted with a reservoir integral to the pump up to 50 gallons.

Since 1995, ATI Actuators has proudly helped numerous companies in a wide range of industries with their specialized equipment needs, including items like a portable hydraulic power unit and hydraulic power packs. Here are a few of the most common sectors where having a dependable hydraulic power unit is important.

Oil and Gas
It’s no secret companies in the oil and gas industry are tough on equipment due to harsh conditions and high-pressure usage in everyday operations. At ATI, we take pride in providing companies in this sector with durable hydraulic power units. Our products are fully tailored to your needs to help keep elements like employee safety and the environment at the forefront.

Keeping the lights on for your community is important. Our ATI team is always happy to help those in the power sector with quality hydraulic power units. We’ve previously worked with companies who provide nuclear, solar, conventional, and combined cycle power applications.

For over two decades, ATI has assisted hundreds of chemical companies with all of their valve and actuator needs. From something as simple as a portable hydraulic power pack or something much larger, we offer a wide range of hydraulic power unit solutions to ensure safety and productivity are at a maximum level.

Pulp and Paper
The pulp and paper industry’s needs are often different than many other sectors. At ATI, we are proud to offer hydraulic power unit options to ensure your factory has the appropriate system for handling bleaches, chemicals, and other liquid ingredients appropriately.

Similar to oil and gas, the mining industry is notoriously hard on equipment. That’s why the quality and durability of our valve, actuator, and hydraulic power units are trusted by so many companies. In fact, we are proud to be one of the few in our industry that understands conditions below ground are less than optimum and help our clients find the exact solution they need.

The water industry encompasses a wide range of applications: flood control, water treatment facilities, desalination projects, and so much more. At ATI, we understand the need for durable equipment is paramount. That’s why we are happy to help numerous water industry firms with their hydraulic power unit needs.

Of course, we aren’t limited to just the industries mentioned above. In fact, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies in a wider range of sectors. Our knowledgeable and courteous team is always ready to help you find the exact hydraulic power unit to suit your needs and particular application.

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Oil & Gas | Power | Chemical | Mining | Pulp & Paper | Water

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