Local Auto-Manual Control

Product Details

The ATI Local Auto-Manual Control module is based on proven, hi-pressure pilot-type poppet technology.

Product Highlights

The ATI Local Auto-Manual Control module is based on proven, hi-pressure pilot-type poppet technology. ATI has utilized this technology for many years in our Dual 3-way Poppet Control Valve to provide the selective directional control of the power media for any Direct Gas, Gas-Over-Oil, or Hydraulic valve actuator. The local Auto-Manual function is integrated with the poppet valve assembly utilizing a commercially available 3-way stainless steel ball valve with a stainless steel lockable handle, eliminating large levers.

The poppet valve combines design simplicity with corrosion-resistant materials and easily replaceable nylon poppets to provide reliable, durable operation. With working pressures up to 3000 psig, the Dual 3-way Poppet Control Valve utilizes direct pipeline pressure gas for both power gas and pilot media, eliminating the need for any regulators or special low-pressure control supply systems and significantly increasing the system’s reliability. The compact design has multiple inputs and outputs to provide a central point of all final actuator control actions.

The sure action control of the Poppet Valve is achieved utilizing a pilot pressure on a piston to pop the nylon seals into the seat. This provides quick response and zero-leak control of the power gas directly to the actuator or to the hydraulic tanks. The poppet design allows for a full 3/8” flow port, providing high flow rates while handling contamination, and preventing atmospheric contaminants.

Product Advantages

  • Marine-grade, hard-anodized aluminum body with all stainless steel components.
  • Standard piston provides 4:1 pressure ratio for pilot operation of other control components.
  • Low-pressure pistons available for retrofit applications.
  • Compact assembly (4”x4”x1 ½”) for direct valve mounting.
  • Integrated in-line filter on power and pilot gas.
  • Exhaust check valve to prevent atmospheric contaminates from entering the poppet valve.
  • Suitable for both gas and hydraulic apllications


ATI Local Auto-Manual Controls are used in the following industries. Click below to learn more.

Oil & Gas | Power | Chemical | Mining | Pulp & Paper | Water

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