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ATI Gas Motor Actuators Provide Unique Pipeline Solution for Semgas, L.P.

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HOUSTON, TX (July 26, 2017) ATI recently completed an installation of its gas motor actuator at a gathering station for Semgas, L.P. in Oklahoma. As a result of the successful installation and operation, Semgas has ordered 28 additional ATI gas motor actuators for its pig launching applications.

Semgas, a natural gas gatherer, processor and marketer operating in the Midwest and west Texas, had previously outfitted its launcher/receiver systems with conventional low pressure scotch yoke actuators on ball valves.  They experienced actuator operating problems when unseating the valve, impacting pig travel within the line.  Semgas opted for the gas motor actuator as a possible solution after discussing the applicaton with MRC Tulsa and ATI.  The ATI gas motor was chosen for its capability to provide a smoother operation, lower cost, and quicker lead times.

ati_semgas_IMG_0194.1The ATI gas motor design uses pipeline gas to drive a motor direct mounted to a gear train.  This installation also used a local auto-manual control module based on dual poppet valve control.  The system is noted for its simplicity of design, lighter weight, compactness, reduced gas consumption and operating efficiency.

The replacement actuator was manufactured and tested by ATI and installed by a technician from its FrontLine Services team within two weeks of the initial order placement.

ATI is an integrated manufacturer of valve automation solutions, customized for specific client requirements. In addition to linear actuators for rising stem valves, ATI manufactures quarter-turn hydraulic and gas-over-oil actuators, gas motor actuators, multi-turn direct gas actuators, power systems, and cutting-edge controls.

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