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ATI Invests to Increase Production and Assembly Capability in Houston Manufacturing Facility

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Automation Technology, LLC (ATI) recently completed an approximate $1.3 million capital investment expanding valve actuation/controls production and assembly capabilities at its Houston area manufacturing facility. The expanded capacity plan allows ATI to continue to meet the increased product demand recently experienced in the oil, gas and pipeline market segments.

The internal expansion increased the overall production throughput and established dedicated assembly cells for ATI’s direct gas motor and electro-hydraulic power unit (HPU) product lines. New equipment included computer numerically controlled (CNC) vertical and horizontal mills as well as additional welding stations, lathes and spring press station. Support equipment including additional cranes, a new walk-in sandblaster, and a new paint booth were also part of the enhancements. Coinciding with the capital investment, ATI has expanded its workforce by approximately 20% within the past six months.

ATI is an integrated manufacturer of valve automation solutions, customized for specific client requirements. The company’s products, completely designed and manufactured in the United States, are utilized globally in oil and gas, pipeline, mining, power, chemical, pulp & paper and water applications. In addition to linear actuators for operating rising stem valves, ATI manufactures, quarter-turn hydraulic and gas-over-oil actuators, multi-turn direct gas actuators, electro-hydraulic actuators, power systems and cutting-edge controls.

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1. What is the value of global actuator market?

In the year 2020, the global actuators market was valued at USD 46,781 million. The market is expected to witness a annual growth rate of 8.6% to reach the value of USD 90,482 million by the year 2028.  

2. Why are actuators in high demand?

Developing economies are witnessing a constant growth in industrialization, which in turn, is leading to the growth in demand for industrial actuators. This demand is also a direct result of the growing dependence on electric actuators owing to their high precision, great efficiency, and cost-effective maintenance. 

Then again, the increased demand can be attributed to the rise in automated devices for various tasks ranging from material handling to temperature control and everything in between, especially since actuators are one of the main components of these devices, 

3. Why is there a high demand for actuators in the oil and gas industry?

When it comes to the storage of gas or that of liquefied natural gas, actuators play a major role in ensuring pressure, flow and temperature control. Given the fact that industrial applications of oil and gas are constantly on the rise, it comes as no surprise that the demand for actuators in this specific industry is witnessing unprecedented growth. 

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