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ATI Delivers a Cost-Effective, Flexible Alternative to Standard Orbit Actuators

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ATI’s pneumatic actuator specifically designed for Orbit Ball Valve automation offers design flexibility, cost-effectiveness and availability while exceeding performance of standard OEM Actuators.

Cypress, TX.— ATI’s innovative piston and diaphragm style pneumatic actuators are the industry solution for available ​Orbit automation.​The ATI actuator provides application, size, and pressure class flexibility while giving companies a more cost-effective product with fast delivery.

ATI engineers have modified existing piston and diaphragm actuators specific to Orbit performance requirements. As a result, the modular actuator design gives users more inventory flexibility by eliminating the need to purchase specific application and customized automation. It is a smart, cost-saving solution that companies in a wide range of industries will find valuable.

Reduced Lead Time

The major challenge faced by companies sourcing Orbit style actuators is experiencing long production lead times. Due to a lack of design flexibility coupled with unique automation sizing requirements such as valve size, supply pressure, pressure class, application, valve material trim and specific pressure end sizing; companies often have to wait up to 42 weeks before receiving the specific ​Orbit actuator.​This can create disruptions in supply chains, productivity, business continuity, project completion and most importantly, lost business opportunities and revenue.

In addition, companies have to plan and execute their projects and have visibility to future MRO needs with absolute precision and little to no flexibility several months in advance to ensure that the actuators arrive by launch date This type of rigid planning and procurement is not always possible due to fluctuations in specific environments, market demands or business partnerships within the power, mining and oil & gas industries.

ATI now gives these companies the flexibility they need by offering reduced lead times, more design options and product pricing that stays within their budget. To reduce lead time even more, ATI can also design “one off” actuators that are application specific to an ​Orbit p​erformance requirement. This gives ATI and their clients a significant advantage over the competition.

A Win for the Industry

The piston and diaphragm style pneumatic actuators do more than just bring ATI into the spotlight. It’s a win for the entire industry. When companies do not have to wait up to 42 months for an OEM Orbit actuator, the ATI aftermarket Orbit actuator can turn out to be a great benefit for everyone involved.

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1. What does the large diaphragm in piston actuators do?

The diaphragm in a pneumatic piston actuator is mean for developing the motive power. It does so by confining the air in the upper part of the cylinder, thereby allowing the air pressure to force the piston to move the valve stem. Similarly, it can also help rotate the valve control element.

2. What are the important applications of pneumatic actuator systems?

One of the most common uses of pneumatic actuator systems includes their role in the ignition chambers of gasoline-powered vehicles. The actuator uses the ignition of air and gasoline to form a pressurized force. This force is then used to move the piston, which eventually converts the energy from the gasoline to propagate the car’s rotational motion. 

3 . What are the applications of piston actuators?

Piston actuators come into play, when the stroke of a diaphragm actuator would be insufficient, either due to its short length or its small thrust. In such cases, compressed air is used to exert pressure on a solid piston within a solid cylinder.

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