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ATI Controls Flow to Chemical Process Vaporizer

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ATI Axalta Coating SystemsATI linear valve actuator applications are varied and often unique. Such is its use on controlling the liquid flow of Dowtherm®, a heat transfer fluid, into a vaporizer. The process controls temperatures during the manufacture of Axalta® commercial and industrial paints and liquid coatings at its Fort Marshall, Iowa production facility.

The ATI spring-return actuator, mounted on a Powell globe valve, regulates the Dowtherm flow. As the vaporizer level gets low and a pump activates, the valve needs to partially open, allowing the vaporizer to refill. The actuator also closes the valve when supply to the vaporizer is lost. The cycling of this operation fluctuates depending on the product batch being manufactured, but generally approximates 20 cycles daily.

The ATI actuator has continued to operate in this service without interruption since its installation in 2011.

ATI is an integrated manufacturer of valve automation solutions, customized for specific client requirements. The company’s engineered products are prominent on more than one-half of the world’s refining and petrochemical operations. In addition to linear actuators for rising stem valves, ATI manufactures quarter-turn hydraulic and gas-over-oil actuators, multi-turn direct gas actuators, power systems, and cutting-edge controls.

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