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ATI Automates Existing Main Line Valves

Valve Actuators

ATI’s Gas Motor Actuator is automating thousands of manually operated main line valves in action around the world.  Utilizing the existing valve gear box, the gas motor actuator can be adapted to motorize the hand wheel shaft of the gearbox. This design is a tremendous help for the operator in terms of saving time and manpower – eliminating the need for tugging on a hand wheel of a large pipeline valve.

The ATI exclusive Gevalco pipeline technology utilizes modern high-pressure poppet technology to overcome some of the drawbacks of earlier main line valve actuator designs, such as leaking selector valves, limit valves and inefficient vane type motors. A wide variety of valve control strategies can be adapted to the actuator for pipeline valve control monitoring, including limit switches, remote electric, ESD and line break detection.

When considering automation of new or existing pipeline gate or ball valves, the Gevalco Gas Motor Actuator is a simple, reliable and economical choice.

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