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Product Details

The ATI Remote Electric Actuator Control is designed to operate pipeline valves from a remote electric signal. ATI Remote Control Actuators.

Product Highlights

The ATI Remote Electric Actuator Control is designed to operate pipeline valves from a remote electric signal. Explosion-proof electrically operated hi-pressure solenoid valves are integrated with the proven poppet valve to provide reliable, maintenance-free control based on a wide range of electrical signals. The electrical signals can be AC or DC, at any specific voltage. The hi-pressure solenoids can be set up for power fail-safe or energize to activate operation depending on the customer’s requirements. Explosion-proof limit switches are also supplied as a standard part of the Remote Electric Actuator Control to provide for valve position feedback and to reset the system on end of travel condition. Optionally, manual override control and local reset controls can be integrated into the control module.

Product Advantages

  • Operates pipeline valves remotely via electric signal
  • Reliable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Includes explosion-proof limit switches

Remote Control Actuators Electric

Efficient, centralized control over your flow infrastructure is our goal with the ATI Remote Electric Actuator Control. Pipeline valves spread over thousands of miles – flow management in a production complex – regional utility district control – remote valve actuator mechanisms make those tasks easy and safe.

ATI’s Remote Actuator: a Worldwide Solution

Valves anywhere in the world can be controlled from central or regional locations. You can manage a widespread network of flow pipes easily, activating remote valves with our configurable automated system. Doing this on a global scale requires the highest quality equipment, and ATI meets and exceeds the most rigorous of worldwide safety standards.

Our precision equipment is proudly made in the USA, and is in use around the globe. ATI remote control actuators offer precise flow control and valve automation and are built to outperform in the toughest of conditions. From frozen arctic locations to desert heat to offshore hazards, ATI hardware is made to take a pounding and operate flawlessly.

Industry Applications

Oil & gas – from drilling and extraction to pipelines to refining to distribution, pipe systems can extend thousands of miles. Remote control actuators are essential. Placement along a lengthy pipeline allows flow to be controlled with precision and care, streamlining operations and managing risk. Facilities like drilling rigs and refining plants are much easier to operate with remote valve control.

Power – utility professionals rely on ATI for all types of power facilities: conventional fuel-fired operations, nuclear power plants, solar boiler facilities, hydroelectric and geothermal power generation. Steam valve operations require high thrust and accurate control, and ATI’s remote control electric actuators are perfectly suited to vital applications.

Chemical – hundreds of chemical facilities around the world use ATI actuators to manage essential product flow. Remote actuators allow plant management to centralize valve controls throughout a complex, regulating flow with precision and safety. ATI equipment is designed for high cycle operations, low maintenance longevity and high thrust, high pressure durability.

Mining – the life-critical requirements of industrial mining call for precision control deep underground, on the surface and in shafts. Air flow for worker health, pumping operations, ore processing and other applications spread over a large mining site require the best equipment on the market, and ATI’s reliable and low-maintenance remote actuators fill the need.

Pulp & paper – the rigors of paper production demand the smooth delivery of bleach, chemicals, water, dyes and other ingredients. Automating the process is easy with ATI remote valve operator units strategically placed throughout the product flow.

Water – with water pipes extending into every community and industrial center, the need for infrastructure control is vital. In water treatment facilities and throughout the distribution network, ATI electric actuator remote control operate all types of valves with automated ease.

How ATI’s Remote Control Electric Actuators Work

Actuators that operate valve mechanisms are triggered by electrical signals. The trigger signal switching is highly flexible, allowing users to control operations using methods that are best for their business. Flow can be controlled using AC or DC signals at any voltage.

Actuator solenoids can be customized according to usage requirements. Power fail-safe options allow users to set automatic valve operations that trigger if power goes out. Energize to activate means the valve is operated by incoming instruction signals.

Durable, reliable high-pressure solenoids are designed for safety and long operational life. Explosion-proof limit switches assure protection of vital components, configurable for secure system reset based on valve position feedback.


ATI Remote Control Actuators Electric are used in the following industries. Click below to learn more.

Oil & Gas | Power | Chemical | Mining | Pulp & Paper | Water

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