Remote Actuator Control

Product Details

The ATI Remote Actuator Control Unit provides Local/Remote actuator control.

Product Highlights

The ATI Remote Actuator Control Station provides Local/Remote actuator control in a NEMA enclosure. The station allows the user to operate a pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuator via remote inputs from the control room or locally by manual push buttons or selector switches. If control solenoidsare required, they will belocated inside (for non-hazardous area) or mounted on the outside of the remote actuator control unit (for hazardous area) and they do not need to be mounted on the actuator. External power can be any power or all pneumatic. The applications include actuators that are either in an inaccessible or hazardous area but need to be operated both remotely and locally. The remote actuator control unit can be designed for hazardous areas up to Class 1 Division 1/ Zone 1, or Zone 1 with FM, UL, ATEX or IEC system approvals as needed.


ATI Remote Actuator Controls are used in the following industries. Click below to learn more.

Oil & Gas | Power | Chemical | Mining | Pulp & Paper | Water

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