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What is a Submersible Electro-Hydraulic Actuator?

Automation Technology (ATI) introduced the new Electro-Hydraulic product line last year, paving the way for remote control, modulation, and PLC/HMI capable systems for valve actuation. Powered by a hydraulic power unit, the incompressible fluid is used to build pressure via a pump and motor circuit; opening or closing the valve based on solenoid energization.

Moving into a world that provides eco-friendly solutions to the past environmentally impacting equipment, ATI designed and implemented vast options for any type of valve actuation application, focusing on closed-loop hydraulic systems and zero emissions. Double-acting and spring return options are available for both linear and quarter-turn applications. A wide range of torques and thrusts enable our products to be applicable from the smallest ball valve to the world’s largest gate valve.

Using the electrical enclosure that is mounted with the actuator system, the inside controls are programmed and designed by ATI to deliver a range of valve control based on any end-user requirements. The remote signal control allows for feedback and operation of the valve, enabling the customer to connect to any PLC, DCS, or even a simple control circuit that is already set up in the field. With new applications and solutions needed every day, ATI saw an opportunity for waterproof protection on these hydraulic power units and electrical controls.

ATI modified the standard product line to include stainless-steel accessories and fittings, a submersible motor, waterproof protection coatings on the actuator, and an accumulator to replace the open-air reservoir. This design utilized a closed-loop system capable of running in any storm or major runoff across the world. Fully tested in an open-air environment and under 6 feet of water in our shop. Our actuator is ready – rain or shine.

What was the application and solution?

A customer approached ATI with a unique opportunity to provide the solution for a chemical facility’s storm drain valve emergency shutdown. While the necessity of the system focused around safely preventing chemicals from following runoff during a spill, the stand out of the project was ensuring that the product could operate both in air and fully submerged in water.

Customer specifications detailed that this Electro-Hydraulic Actuator system was to be placed in an underground, cement vault that surrounded the off-site runoff pipeline. During standard operation, the actuator opens a 24″ butterfly valve to allow stormwater drainage and flood prevention. In the event of a chemical spill in the facility, the valve must close to prevent contaminated water runoff. Due to the possibility of filling the vault with either melted snow or a 100-year flood during this operation, ATI upgraded the actuator design to a closed-loop system with a waterproof control package. When a signal is sent from the control room inside the plant, the pump pressurizes the actuator by flowing hydraulic oil from the accumulator, opening the valve, and holding pressure upon reaching the limit switch. In the event of a chemical spill, an emergency shutdown is triggered. An alarm connected inside the facility removes the control signal closing the valve and preventing any contaminants from flowing out into the ecosystem. Using our mechanical spring fail close actuator, the hydraulic oil flows back into the accumulator for smooth closing of the valve in any emergency situation.

The ATI Submersible Electro-Hydraulic Actuator has the potential to be completely immersed in up to 6 feet of water. All components are designed to operate sufficiently in any flood or emergency situation, providing shutdown capability for this chemical plant. ATI utilized all stainless-steel bracketry, fittings, hardware, and supports for rust prevention to provide a long-lasting solution to our customers. With ATI’s long service life and zero emission actuation, we are helping our customers meet their environmental requirements and #GoGreen.

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